Since our website opening, we set sail from our Baby Showroom/workshop.
This place has been fully thought and realised by Charlotte Abalé, like a polymorphic shipe freely settled at 2 quai Perrache, in Lyon, France.
We had unforgettable life times there. And it has been a great place to experiment a commun creativity by the exchange wit others. That’s where Cadavresky shaped its identity, playing with art and design.

This post is like a postal card of all the meetings that we did there.

First, there was the dance compagny LAB.S (renamed Groupe Nuits ), and we’ll do a special post about the performance born from our collaboration.

Or the collaboration with the painter ROJO, who painted the mural fresco in our showroom. We fund a real dialogue with him and his univers. He played to display our pieces through its own perspectives, and it wouldn’t have been possible without him.

This artist from Lyon create an energic art translating our tribal universality.
If you want to know more about this marvelous mister, it’s

Thanks to this place, we also developp our own kind of event, that we named pimp up your style. It’s a real mix of party, music, exhibitions and live costumisations. And it’s also the perfect purpose to create a meeting point of open minded visions and values. Thoses experiences wouldn’t have been the same without the partnership of great associations, designers and artists.

There was also other exhibitions. And here we have to named the one with the half satellite half man Stéphane de Toi.

This is a non-goodbye because dreams always come true with commitment and this beautiful place was a prouf of it. It was our experimental step, stamped of love by joining our ideals together.
That’s why we’ll be more than happy to hear of anyone of you who want to collaborate, to participate, or to buil altogether a time, a space, a story, to break down the barriers of creativity.

So don’t be shy, and send us a word.